Three-side seal pouch

Three-side seal pouch

The design of a product affects the overall perception of its value, so the packaging market is developing rapidly. The usual tin and glass containers are being replaced by more modern, reliable and cost-effective solutions, one of which is gusset bags. These packages are compact, safe and add to the attractiveness of the product.

Benefits of packing in pillow bags:

Package pillow

Doy-pack packages have a number of advantages:

  • For the convenience of buyers, handles can be cut into the packages, this easily solves the problems of individual transportation
  • Different types of holes, including Euroslot, can significantly increase sales by placing products on stands with hooks or economy panels. The ideal compact solution for presenting your merchandise in an ever-increasing competition for shelf space in retail stores.
  • The practical cushion bag can be equipped with a one-way venting valve, which is very important, for example, for storing coffee.
  • Special notches located on one, less often on both sides, make it easier for customers to open the package.
  • The existing possibility of applying personalized printing on the ultra-modern flexible container for the purpose of advertising a brand.
  • The innovative structure of the composition of the material provides a longer shelf life and ensures that the product is protected from moisture, air, odors, ultraviolet radiation and bacteria from outside.
  • Convenience of packages for mailing - postage costs are reduced due to the compactness and light weight, which is important with the increasing popularity of online sales.

There are three main types of gusset bags (pillow bags):

Bags with side W-folds (folds)

The universal side fold pouch is considered traditional, economical and appreciated for being easy to use. In such a "pillow", under the influence of the weight of the product, a square bottom is easily formed. Constructively thought-out folds of the package significantly increase the amount of its contents, while the overall dimensions do not change.

This type of reliable flexible container is usually used for bulk products.

Gusset bags with central seam

This packaging has a front and a back. It can be of any size: from small 50 g to large 25 kg. There is a seam in the center of the back side. This "pillow" is made from both single-layer simple and complex multi-layer materials. Traditionally, it is used for packaging food products.

Gusset bags with offset seal

Technologically, in the manufacture of bags, the back seam can be displaced, which allows you to form two front sides of the package. From a sales point of view, such containers are most effective at displaying the brand, since ads are placed on both sides without any problems.

The listed modern flexible packaging, the structure of which usually consists of 2-4 different layers, is made from heat-sealable raw materials. The combination of materials with different properties makes it possible to give the packaging qualities that increase the shelf life of products.

In modern society, flexible gusset packaging is considered not only a convenient container, but also the embodiment of corporate culture.

Where to use the Pillow package:

  • In the food industry:
  • for packing coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, cereals, sugar, baby food and animal feed;
  • in the chemical industry:
  • for packaging washing powders, bleaches, various chemicals and fertilizers;
  • in the production of cosmetics
  • as attractive containers for various products such as bath salts.

Convenience of the pillow package:

  • water and vapor tightness;
  • high strength of the material;
  • the ability to keep its shape well: even when empty, thanks to the flat bottom, the bag is in an upright position;
  • the ability to apply any multi-color image to the package.

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