Quad Seal Bag (Stabilo)

Quad Seal Bag (Stabilo)

A bag with four welded sides is commonly referred to as a stabilo pack or stabilo bag. Often there is another name - a bag with sealed edges. The packaging has a sturdy seam underneath and 4 rigid ribs located on the sides. The square bottom appears after filling.


Stable package

Convenient bag with welded edges and bottom has four front sides, which expands product branding capabilities - all planes can be used to apply advertising information, in contrast from structures with a back seam. Our production has the ability to produce a bag of 2 or even 4 different materials, including kraft, metallized, transparent and matte films. For example:

  • Kraft paper creates a pleasant impression of the natural material, which gives rise to a strong association with health safety.
  • Transparent tabs allow you to see the product without unpacking.

At the same time, bags can be made from specially developed multi-layer materials. For storage food products containing fats and products that are sensitive to light, aluminum is used in the composition of the material.

Important! Typically, any layer structure is determined after analyzing product requirements such as such as shelf life, storage conditions, etc.

Where use

Stable package

Deservedly so, the Stabilo package is famous for its strength, versatility and ease of filling. This the packaging keeps its shape well on the shelf. Versatile, eye-catching design, incredible popular in the packaging industry, especially in the production of coffee. This Stabilo rectangular seam bag deservedly considered one of the most stylish formats. These packages usually cost a little more than other types of packaging and are used for luxury products:

  • coffee, tea
  • crackers, cookies, nuts;
  • sweets
  • sports nutrition
  • animal feed

The convenience of the package is stable

Stable package

Functionality and aesthetics are not the only distinguishing features. Stabilo come in a wide variety of sizes, they reduce transport costs and increase productivity.

Our customers, who value their products highly, consider that stabilo bags are their main strategic tool. retail sales.

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