Sachet bag

Sachet bag

Three side welded pouches are some of the most common on the market. They are compact, lightweight, easy to transport. Their second name is sachet or sachet (fr. Sachet) is translated as "bag". Initially, small linen bags of lavender were used as fragrances in wardrobes.

Advantages of packing in a Sashet bag

Sachet bag

If, for example, a sachet package contains products intended for food on the run, which can be stored for a long time in warehouses, shops or at home, additional functions must be provided.

  • The sachet can be in the form of a package with an easy opening, which is created using the provided laser cut. In a world where people are obsessed with saving time and being efficient, this design is a success.
  • For many products, the ease of opening must be combined with the re-closing function, the latter allows you to protect the contents from light, moisture and foreign odors until they are completely used up. Therefore, three-seam bags are often equipped with a convenient zip-fastener.

A cheap and practical sachet bag, even made of a tough material, has no stable shape. Therefore, for the purpose of presentation, packages are often supplied with Euro hangers - special small holes for hanging on rack hooks


Sachet bag

Today, sachets are most often made from polymers, used for packaging food and non-food groups of goods, liquid and bulk, including granulated and powder products. The sealed, inexpensive sachet is lightweight, ideal for sample preparation ("probes"), used for single portions, and is widely used in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries.

Sachets are already considered traditional packages for cosmetics such as shampoo, cream and gel, for refreshing wipes, eyeglass wipes, as well as food products: mustard, ketchup, spices. Larger three-seam structures are used for packaging seafood and snacks: dried, dried, fish, popcorn and seeds, as well as for sweets such as nuts.

The bottom seam is usually created after the product is placed in the bag. High-quality sealed sealed vacuum packaging extends the shelf life of products, it can be transparent or opaque, glossy and matte. It is often made from multilayer materials that reliably protect against moisture and light.


Sachet bag
  • In the food industry:
  • for packing coffee, tea, spices, dried fruits, fish, seafood, sugar, baby food and animal feed;
  • in the chemical industry:
  • for packaging washing powders, bleaches, various chemicals and fertilizers;
  • in the production of cosmetics
  • as containers for scrubs, masks, shampoos, gels, etc.


Sachet bag
  • compactness;
  • water and vapor tightness;
  • high strength of the material;
  • product dosing for single use;
  • the ability to apply any multi-color image to the package.

A short way to the heart of the buyer

When packaging and advertising work together, they can become a marketing bomb, no matter how tight your budget is. To create a unique design, you can choose from a variety of functions: play with material, color, fonts.

Multicolor printing is one of the best tools to use to expand your sales opportunities. Prints can be applied by flexo, rotoprinting or silk-screening, both for limited editions and for general production.

We understand that packaging is a business card for your product and should look its best. In the manufacture of three-seam bags, we strictly adhere to all requirements for the quality of packaging, such as barrier protection, elasticity, strength and resistance to damage.

Sachet bag

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