Tea filter bags

Tea filter bags

Modern tea aficionados appreciate paper tea filters, the main attraction of which is that that you can easily do without a teapot. They are simply placed in a cup of hot water or in a portable thermo mug. Thanks to this, elite loose tea, with a rich aroma and taste, has now become available in any conditions. Convenience in putting things in order

Convenience in putting things in order

Filter package

Just like paper filter bags for coffee make it quick and easy to clean coffee machine from the grounds, just like you can get rid of used tea. Filters are convenient in everyday life and reduce to to minimize the mess usually associated with traditional brewing methods.

If tea is prepared in a teapot, then it is washed faster, without the risk of clogging the pipes. The taste of tea in a filter paper, as in the preparation of the conventional method, varies depending on which the product is selected, in what way and for how long it is steamed.

Attractiveness for entrepreneurs

Filter package

Filter tea bags also significantly improve the quality and speed of service in cafes and restaurants. Refusing from sachets packed in the factory, you can individually fill the paper "bag" with the best exquisite varieties white, black or green tea, oolong or pu-erh tea. Herbal drinks that are made from all others plants, including popular favorites such as ginger, apple and chamomile, also help create a unique assortment.


The first tea bags were made from natural silk and were invented by American traders. over 100 years ago. Modern filter papers are made from safe materials that are compatible with products food, has a homogeneous structure, high strength and increased absorbency. Chemically neutral material completely eliminates the change in taste or smell, does not have components that dissolve in water or release any substances.

Appearance and dimensions

The shape of the filter bags for tea, which you can buy for individual needs and for business, are similar to open rectangular envelope. The bottom fold, like the flanges that can complement it, significantly increases the inner volume. This shape allows varietal leaves to open well and fill with aroma, which provides excellent brewing quality. Special design with a special pocket conveniently holds both dry and fresh leaves.

Given the completely different brewing methods, manufacturers have developed different sizes: L - designed for one cup, XL - designed for the teapot. The number of filters in a package may vary, which is additional convenience.

You can buy filter bags for tea from us wholesale and retail of all the above types and sizes.

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